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Find out a list of the best cop movies with trailers. What's your best police movie of all time?

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Forum rules

Forum Rules "Cops and Robbers" - правила сайта

The Cops and Robbers сайт is a private resource with its own rules. Compliance with the rules and maintaining order on the сайт is monitored by moderators. To avoid misunderstandings, read the Rules of this сайт (below).

The opinion of the site owner does not necessarily coincide with the opinion of users of the forum. The Cops and Robbers сайт does not guarantee the authenticity of user posts.

The owner of the сайт is not responsible for the services provided by advertisers. By the fact of your stay at the Cops and Robbers Forum, you do not do anyone a favor, but declare your loyalty to the сайт and its participants

For what you can get a ban (blocking using the forum):

Rude, insulting remarks to the participant (s), or the сайт as a whole; Placing mocking, abusive comments on reports and messages of other сайт users; Systematic offtopic, trolling and flood;

Placement of advertising not agreed with the administration of the forum; Manifestations of aggressive xenophobia, incitement of ethnic hatred, insulting statements both against political opponents at the сайт and against state leaders; Propaganda and discussion of narcotic substances; placement of pornography; Posting provocative messages that cause conflicts between participants and related insults, etc .; Registration on the сайт under a different nickname after the punishment in the form of a ban - that is, the creation of a "clone"; Posting messages that violate applicable laws;

Rules for publishing a message or topic:

By posting on the сайт you acknowledge that you are doing this voluntarily and without coercion. Your messages, topics and other text or graphic products become an integral part of the сайт after you click the "Send message" button. If you wish, you can ask the Administration of the сайт to remove your profile from the сайт in accordance with the Privacy Policy. At the same time, all your messages, solely at the discretion of the administration, remain on the сайт (deleting your messages can destroy the structure of topics that were created not only by you). Ask a question after reviewing the search results on the forum. It is possible that there is already a ready answer.

Do not duplicate the same question (topic) in different sections of the forum. Decide which section your message belongs to and publish it only there.

Do not allow offtopic - messages that are not related to the subject of discussion, violating the course of discussion, taking it beyond the scope of the topic. Keep track of сайт titles and topics. When creating a new topic on the forum, write the most informative headline about the essence of your topic or question, otherwise you risk not getting a full answer. сайт is not a chat. The protracted dialogue between two people in the subject is of no interest to anyone. For dialogue use Private messages on the forum.

If you have personal questions to other сайт participants, use the opportunity to write a personal message. Contact the PM immediately, without indicating this in the subject. Refrain from posts that do not carry any semantic load. For example: "+1", "Hello", "I agree", messages consisting of smiles. Refrain from single-word thank you posts. For thanks to the author, use the "Thank you" button. The Cops and Robbers сайт is out of the political debate. Any discussion of the policy is not allowed. Rules of good form when posting on the forum: Do not use slang, abbreviations incomprehensible to others, and do not specifically disfigure the words of the Russian language. сайт "Cops and Robbers" - Russian-language forum. No need to write messages in transliteration or in whole in any language other than Russian. The names of cities, countries and other proper names according to the rules of the Russian language are written with a capital letter. Pay attention to the title of the topic you are creating - it should not have mistakes or mistakes (learn Russian). The use of a mat in subject headings and in posts is prohibited. No need to SCREAM, that is, write the entire sentence in capital letters. Messages written entirely in capital letters annoy your readers. Be careful with quoting. That is, quote only what is really necessary for this message. Moderator changes on the сайт are highlighted in red and blue, so please do not use these colors in your posts. Rules for using your profile on the forum: Regarding your profile photo: either post your own or do not post anything. No one is interested in photos of celebrities, animals or birds By uploading an avatar to your profile, you agree that this image does not violate anyone’s copyright, and also complies with moral ethical standards and applicable law. Third-party сайт links: Links to other sites are not allowed. It is possible to post useful information from another site, subject to the rules of copyright (an inactive link to this site is allowed).

The сайт does not allow links to their pages on social networks, blogs and similar sites. сайт "Cops and Robbers" is not involved in the promotion of third-party "non-profit" projects. The сайт does not allow referral (commission) links and codes (links with an indication of the id of the person who posted them). The сайт forbids calls to vote on third-party resources, messages calling for help for people who are not related to the forum, even for a good cause - the сайт does not engage in charity. сайт privacy policy: It is forbidden to publicly express personal claims to any of the сайт participants, forcing him to make excuses in public. Publications of personal life or materials open for public viewing are prohibited, which allow identifying a specific сайт member without his personal consent (Privacy Policy). Your feedback on the forum: All reports and reviews on the сайт should be made in accordance with the rules: Rules for publishing reports, travel reviews, the same applies to photos in reports: Rules for posting photos in reports. Refrain from copying on the сайт your reports already published on other sites - the сайт welcomes the publication of original texts. However, you can edit the original text by changing the first few sentences and the title of the article. Refrain from posting watermarked photographs as links to your site or with an eye-irritating logo. Additional wishes: At the forum, it is not advisable to create topics - "I will answer any questions" and the like. If you want to share your impressions - write a report or answer topics with questions. Such topics will be closed. The answer to a question on the сайт is not a duty. They answer questions here only at the request of the participant. If the question seems silly to you - ignore it, do not answer. No need to be rude. Or you will receive a warning from the moderators. Rules for writing private messages on the forum: Private messages on the сайт are used to exchange information between participants, which does not require a general discussion.

For example:

two people exchange phone numbers; several people want to rent a car together on a trip; to arrange a joint visit to the restaurant by a company of friends, while outsiders are not invited. Warning: any unauthorized commercial activity through Private Messages on the сайт is prohibited. In case of violation, the LAN function for your account will be disabled.

Rules for posting photos on the сайт "Cops and Robbers"

The сайт contains photographs that only have artistic or informative value associated with travel and tourism. Family photos and selfies are not allowed. Only copyright photographs from travel are allowed, with a size of not more than 900 pixels horizontally and 900 pixels in height, not exceeding 800 Kbytes each. It is necessary to provide each photo with a brief name, unique in the framework of posting. The maximum number of uploaded photos is no more than five per day from one user. Think and choose what you want to download. Thousands of similar photos from your tour are not interesting to anyone. If you are quoting while commenting on someone else's post, remove all images from the quote of your comment. You can post photos using watermarks, but the signs should not occupy most of the photo. Otherwise, such photos will be regarded as PR or inconsistent advertising, and will be deleted without warning. It is not permitted to post pornography or photographs in which elements of violence, racial or religious intolerance can be recognized. The site administration reserves the right to delete photos of very low quality, a repeating plot that are not relevant to the topic - without discussion and notification of the authors. For example, photographs are blurry and unsharp (except when it is dictated by the plot), photographs with obvious technical defects, photographs of the same plot taken from different angles, etc.

The rights to all photos posted on the site belong to the authors of these photos. Moreover, according to the rules, by posting photos on the Cops and Robbers forum, you give the administration an unlimited and irrevocable right to use them within this forum. Rules for posting your travel reports to the Cops and Robbers forum: The report or review of the trip is posted on the сайт only in special topics related to the country or group of countries.

A report on the сайт is considered a product of intellectual labor containing textual information illustrated by photographs or video. Textual information should be interesting, meaningful and informative. Reports and reviews with a photo focus, where the text serves as a comment on the photo - are placed in special sections of the forum.

One report is placed in one topic. Please responsibly treat the topic title so that сайт guests understand what your report or review is about.